Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OOPS It's been a while!

Well I am quite stinky at updating a blog, for this I appologize! Well life in the Myler home is still quite stressed and crazy and yet they are very aware of each and every blessing they have! My mom will be getting pictures to post for everyone to see!

Mistie is now doing Chemo one day per week for about the next eight months......YUCK! She is starting to feel the effects of the treatment and is struggling with the things that seem like easy everyday tasks, but she keeps on trying and doing what she can it just is hard with a house full of kiddos... So for those of you who live in the area feel free to drop in and offer a helping hand!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

February is almost here!

This has been an extremely hard month for Justin and Mistie and their family but they are truly amazing!

Mistie has been getting quite sick from the radiation and chemo treatments but she is still fighting. Along with the expected malaise of radiation and chemo Mistie has also had the pleasure of spending time in the hospital because of dehydration (her throat was to soar to even drink) spending time in the hospital because of blood clots in the port, and to top it all off their youngest Laura spent several days in the hospital with pneumonia. Can you say month from heck...

With all this going on they are still able to recognize blessings, and look to the good things that they have been blessed with. Such as kind family and friends that have so generously donated time and or money. The great news is because of this they have been able to get a new washer and dryer (the washer was on it's last leg and they didn't have a dryer)(thanks - you know who you are) a new refrigerator (their last one didn't work Justin had to keep the freezer door propped open on the inside in order to keep the fridge portion cooled----kudos to Justin for thinking that one up) and the basement is finished with the exception of laying the carpet.

Justin and Mistie are so thankful and hopeful, because of each of you who have helped in which ever way, be it big or small, because of you they see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the medical bills that keep pouring in, they know that somehow there will be a way...

WOW I can hardly imagine the amount of faith that they have used and the amount of faith they are gaining through this hard time in their life!

We thank everyone who has helped and please if you have the means to help more now or in the future please do they need all the help we can find for them.

For those of you who are new to this blog you can use the link to the right "Little Hero's Foundation" to make tax deductible donation. When making donations you will see "Donation for:" and a drop down menu; select "General Donation".When you are filling out the information in the Address section under your address MAKE SURE to put "Justin and Mistie Myler" this is the only way to know where the money should be going. 100% of your donation will go to the Myler family and it is tax deductible. Please share this with everyone you know and THANK YOU for all your help and prayers for The Myler family!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009



The weekend work project was great! Justin and Mistie are so grateful to each person who came and helped or donated materials or money with every ones help so much has been accomplished.
The Basement: They were able to get the stairs built from the living room down into the basement, all the framing, wiring, insulation and sheet rock completed! WOW that is incredible!! The boys are hoping to be into their new room this weekend!!!
The Front Porch: The entire porch was ripped out and replaced, so now they have a nice solid front porch so walk across... or run across depending on who it is..... =0)
The family is working on getting the kitchen updated and more user friendly so this is great! They will also be able to sheet rock the hallway and paint the interior of the home thanks to another kind person willing to donate his time and expertise!
The whole family is so thrilled with everything that has been done that it is neat to see. The children are excited and so unspoiled that it warms your heart just to see their reactions. This has been one of the hardest and best Christmas seasons this family has had. They have experienced the terror of hearing the words cancer used and yet have felt the out pour of blessing at the same time. People strangers, family and friends have all blessed them in different ways but each of them have blessed the family in ways that could never be described or re payed.
I told Justin that I will never again look at those jars on the counters of the store the same or just over look them I will always give a little because as I have witnessed in the Myler family every little bit helps and it all adds up! So my plea to all that read this is that you will continue to pray for your family and loved ones and have an eye that is open to those whom you can help and that your lives are blessed for all the good you do.
Thank you to each person who has helped. Ok enough of my mushy side...LOL
Justin took Mistie to Cedar City today for another round of radiation, she wont have chemo this week but will next week and from there on out. Thank goodness right now the medication is working for the nausea; so although Mistie feels extremely tired she is not having to deal the the nausea at this point. The doctors also informed them (Mistie and Justin) that Mistie wouldn't have a break in between treatments as they thought she would. They will go directly from radiation to chemo, but Mistie will be able to be home during the treatments so that was really encouraging!
I will keep you posted when I find things out, and Justin is working on getting me some pictures to post so everyone can see how much they have helped.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tax Deductable Donations

Hi GREAT NEWS for everyone who has been asking about ways to donate. We have set up a way to donate through the Little Heroes Foundation you can pay with credit card or paypal on here! The link is found on the right hand side of the Blog "Little Heroes Foundation" this takes you directly to the donation page.

When making donations you will see "Donation for:" and a drop down menu; select "General Donation".

When you are filling out the information in the Address section under your address MAKE SURE to put "Justin and Mistie Myler" this is the only way to know where the money should be going. 100% of your donation will go to the Myler family and it is tax deductible. Please share this with everyone you know and THANK YOU for all your help and prayers for The Myler family!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I (Lisa) spoke with Justin and Mistie this morning they are braving the snow and staying positive. This has been a crazy month since the surgery, one test after another and one doctor after another. Mistie has an appointment in St. George with her new Medical Oncologist, he is the one she will be seeing for the chemotherapy. The doctor in Salt Lake wanted her to have a doctor she could see on a weekly basis rather then monthly so he had her switch doctors.

Last week they did another MRI and tried to do a spinal tap (this is to determine whether or not the cancer cells have spread since this is one of the only types of cancer that spreads through the spinal fluid) unfortunately the hospital was unable to do the spinal tap because the tumor had pushed the brain and it hadn't returned to the proper place. So again it is the waiting game!

This delay in treatments has made it possible for Mistie to enjoy a Christmas at home with the children, all but Laura who is still at my house. But she gets to go home for a visit while my mom is there so that will be nice for her. When she is asked why she is at Aunt Lisa's house she says..... "Mommy's sick.... I go home when mommy feels better" she is doing great here with the knowledge that she is here while mommy is sick.

So many people have been so kind and we want to thank each one! Thank You! ! ! ! !

When I talked to Justin this morning he let me know that we could use their Pay Pal account for donations.... it is you go to and click on the link that says "Send money to family and friends" enter the information and you are done...

I will also be working on getting an account set up through Wells Fargo hopefully this will happen in the next day or two.

Thank you everyone and please remember each other in your prayers!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Please leave a comment stating what you can donate from the wish list so everyone knows what is still needed. I will post a contact person there in Richfield later this weekend.... THANK YOU!

Work Days will be Friday & Saturday January 2nd & 3rd

Justin and Mistie are the parents of 6 children, 5 young children who live at home 11, 8, 6, 5, 2 years old and a 15 year old that lives in St. George. For the past several months Mistie has been suffering from headaches which despite physical therapy continued to grow in intensity. The Doctors finally ordered an MRI which is when they found a tumor the size of a golf ball on the left side of her cerebellum, they scheduled surgery for the following morning and due to the rapid nature of the tumors growth over night it was the size of a large lemon!

Following a biopsy it was determined to be a very deadly form of cancer (Medulloblastoma) due to the invasive nature of the cancer it is going to require at least 6 weeks of Radiation (5 days per week) AND 6-8 months of Chemo therapy. She will be extremely sick & weak from the aggressive treatments & will need to stay in Cedar City for the radiation therapy and the beginning of her Chemo treatments. They are hoping to be able to complete her Chemo in Gunnison which would allow her to be with her husband and older children during this long an scary battle.

The discovery of cancer was the scariest thing they have faced together; however, this isn't the first or only illness they have ever dealt with as a family. Mistie and some of the children suffer from asthma which has lead to periodic hospitalizations and on going treatments. Justin has been struggling with migraine headaches and seizures the past several years, and yet he has still worked hard and been able to support his family.

These factors may seem small but when put together they have prevented them from being able to fix up their small 3 bedroom mobile home as quickly as they would have liked to. But it is theirs and they love it and it was sufficient for their needs until a few months ago when Mistie's aunt came to live with them.

Mistie’s aunt is a very kind person but suffers from several health conditions which require daily assistance so Justin and Mistie invited her to move in with their family. However with her moving in this has put their 3 sons out of a bedroom and they are now sleeping on the couch, recliner and floor in the small front room until they finish the basement.

Finishing the basement seemed like an easy thing to do, however, in light of what is now happening in their family the time and money has to be spent elsewhere. When the basement is finished there will be enough room for a bedroom and a food storage room. Right now the only entrance is from the outside so there needs to be some light carpentry work done so it can be accessed from within the home.

Both Justin and Mistie serve diligently in their respective callings in the church and refuse to let these problems get them down. However, as many of us know it can be consuming trying to do it all and with the fear of the unknown staring them in the face their time and efforts have just become more complicated. BUT their attitude is great “What good would it do to just sit in bed and cry”.

Despite their circumstances both Justin and Mistie have served each other, their children and their community. This is because of their love for each other and their love to serve others. They have blessed many lives because of their compassion and never have they expected a return. Their faith and determination WILL get them through this trial but family and friends can help ease the burdens. If we can lighten their load even a little it will be received with open arms. Please look in your hearts and if you are able to help even a little please do.

May you and your families be blessed during this holiday season and remember to cherish your loved ones and never take them for granted; we never know what the future may hold. Merry Christmas, and thank you!

Here is a WISH LIST Please help any way you can....

  • Sheet rock
  • insulation
  • nails and screws
  • electrical supplies-wire, lights, outlets switches etc.
  • paint
  • tape and mud
  • carpet
  • interior doors

Front Porch

  • Wood

Front Room

  • paint
  • curtains
  • front door (size?)


  • Wood for shelves
  • paint
  • curtains for two windows or material to sew matching sets


  • Paint
  • Shower curtain
  • wood for shelves and cupboards
  • peel and stick tiles

I talked to Justin and Mistie and asked them to go and decide on colors and such, but they said it's alright, anything is good. After a little pestering Mistie did say "ok, anything but red, yellow and orange." So there it is, they will be very grateful for anything we can offer.


P.S. We are working on a way to accept cash donations too...